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Mark Stanway

Proprietor & Tradesman
The one who started it all. An A-Class Electrician with over 30 years experience in the industry. With skills in telephone systems, data networks and television aerials, Mark keeps the show on the road.
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Anna Stanway

A seasoned professional in office management, with 30 years under her belt. Customer communication and accounts management take up most of Anna's time.
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Troy Stanway

Marketing & IT Manager
An IT graduate and entrepreneur. In-charge of day-to-day operations, Troy helps keeps the business moving forward. Responsible for IT and web services and business accountancy.
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Terabyte Technology

Technology Partner
With unrivalled customer service and support, Terabyte Technology is our partner in providing full service technology solutions for our customers.


Who are we?

Mark saw the need to work freely and be his own boss. Wanting to reduce the reliance and expense on childcare, and have the ability to make his own schedule. ECO Lighting & Electrical was born, once a silly suggestion, finally a reality.

ECO Lighting & Electrical was registered as a South Australian business in early 2008, at the beginning of the environmentally friendly revolution that continues today.

From day one, ECO Lighting & Electrical was created to help people reduce their energy costs using energy efficient lighting. Much the same, today the mission is provide cost effective lighting. In addition, to all the other services we have grown to provide.

Our clients

With 30 years in the industry we are proud to offer free Quotations.

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