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Online Payment Fees

Online invoice payments are subject to a 3% processing fee.

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    Other payments methods that do not attract a processing fee are listed below.
    You can find out more about these methods by reviewing the Payment Methods section of your invoice.

      PayID - 0438 246 800

      Bank Transfer - Account details listed on your invoice, or Contact Us.

      Cheque - By Request Only. Make payable to ECO Lighting & Electrical.

    1.  If your payment does not pay the balance of your account to $0, you are still responsible for paying the balance down to $0 by the invoice's due date.

    2.  Your payment may take up to 2-3 working days to be recieved by us, this is known as the payment processing period.

    3.  You must pay your invoice by the due date, despite choosing online or offline payment methods.

    4.  Paying your account using our online invoice payment system and it's subsquent processing period does not exempt your liability for incurring late payment fees, if your account is not paid paid off to $0 by the due date.

    5.  BitCoin payments attract no fees. All other online invoice payments are subject to a 3% (of total payment, per payment) processing fee. This fee is appliable despite the use of PayPal Account or Credit/Debit cards to complete the payment.

    6.  By completing online payment of your account/invoice you acknowledge your receipt and acceptance of these terms.

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